Mini Diffuser

A Flower Box Mini Diffuser will provide your chosen interior with constant fragrance for 4 months after being opened, with 8 reeds immersed.

Hallmark Diffuser

A Flower Box Hallmark Diffuser will provide your chosen interior with constant fragrance for 12 months after being opened, with 10 reeds immersed.

Please note that the diffusion lifetime varies according to the conditions, fragrance and how frequently reeds are flipped or replaced. A drafty location (including near an air-con, heater or fan) will increase the rate at which fragrance is dispersed, therefore shortening the lifespan. Flipping or replacing your reeds give a burst of fresh fragrance and also quickens the diffusion process. Please note that our citric fragrances will tend to evaporate quicker than our earthier fragrances.

Premium Diffuser Liquid will hold best if kept out of direct light and heat. If you're storing your diffuser before use, please keep the bottle with the lid on in its box and in a cool cupboard. If kept in the right conditions diffusers will hold their fragrance for over 12 months before use. After this time, due to the high percentage of premium perfume, the top notes of some fragrances may begin to change. This will affect the fragrance, however not negatively. This is part of the fragrance journey; the earthier base notes and versatile middle notes grow into themselves over time.


This is completely normal - the fragrance in the diffuser oxidises to produce colour variations. This shouldn’t impact the performance of your diffuser, however.

To slow down or completely prevent a change in colour your diffuser must be kept out of direct sunlight at all times. Your Premium Diffuser Liquid must also remain at a stable temperature - this means away from any fans, air conditioners or heaters.

At Flower Box Home Fragrance we see any slight change in colour as part of your fragrance journey. All things age with time - the best things improve with age.