Kaliatu Petrified Bird
Kaliatu Petrified Bird

Kaliatu Petrified Bird

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Our exquisitely crafted Kaliatu décor bird is made from petrified wood coloured in shafts of soft greys and creams.  Petrified wood comes from the trunks and branches of ancient wood. This bird is smooth to touch yet heavy to hold and has a fat rounded belly which gives it a cute cheeky stance. These fossilized specimens have had their roots in Bali Indonesia over millions of years. Our industrious Balinese artisans have handcrafted this piece of décor to bring you an exquisite bird as décor for any table, or coffee table or placed on a shelf for your pleasure. Kaliatu petrified bird could also be a paper weight or even a light door stopper.


L 16 W 9 H 24 cm


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